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The basic book about the symbolon cards

is also available in English ....

Symbolon boekomslag eng



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Symbolon boekomslag engThe original book "Symbolon - das Spiel der Erinnerungen" is being translated into the English language.

I expect to present the book medio 2020. It will be an ebook, because the costs of printing and shipping are very high when you have to send it abroad.

The book is almost 200 pages. There is a discription of all the cards on two pages (see preacher.pdf). 

At first - of course - an introduction of the cards and at the end of the book the discription of 12 special Symbolon readings (see index_book.txt).



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Download this file (index_book.txt)index_book.txt[Index book]2 kB
Download this file (The Preacher.pdf)The Preacher.pdf[Example of a card description]373 kB