Symbolon.cards was founded by Sandra Jansen van Galen and Tim Hoogland. On this page Sandra and Tim share their story behind Symbolon.cards and their motivation for this initiative. A lot of time and effort has gone into this project and Tim and Sandra are excited to help you discover the beautiful world of Symbolon!


picture of Sandra

Sandra started her career in 1998 through her studies in Applied Psychological Astrology. She became a certified practising Astrologer in 2005 and has been employed in the professional sector ever since. Sandra has developed herself throughout the years and spiritual astrology (astrology for the soul) has become an essential part of her work. 

In addition to her fascinating career as an Astrologer, Sandra is also a certified coach for families, children and youth. Furthermore, Sandra practices the holistic colour therapy Aura Soma. She is a teacher and delivers workshops and training sessions and she offers her services to widely recognized training institutes across the country. Sandra is a mother of two daughters and together with her life partner - and quiet force - she shares a beautiful family with five children.

In her career, Sandra discovered her passion for Symbolon cards. She is aware of the power and the supportive life quality that is offered by the Symbolon cards and throughout the years, she has supported and coached many individuals. This encouraged her to start writing Symbolon cards and as a result, her readings can now be found on a variety of Dutch and English websites.

Take a look around, play the Symbolon game, and discover and create a more balanced existence!


Tim’s interest in Symbolon cards started during a regular Rider Waite Tarot course. One of his fellow students knew that he had completed an astrological education and told him about a tarot deck with cards that also included astrological pictures. When Tim’s fellow student brought along the cards, Tim was immediately impressed and subsequently he took a course on Symbolon cards by Ron Rusche. Although no Dutch study materials were available, Ron had worked with the cards extensively and used them very intuitively.

After the course was over, Tim and some of his fellow students got together to practice readings and Tim was excited to learn more about the cards but the only literature he could get a hold of was a German book about the astrological aspects of the cards with the Symbolon mandala. He continued his search for literature and eventually found the book: “Symbolon - das Spiel der Erinnerungen”. None of his fellow students were interested in this German book because they found it too difficult to read and that was one of the reasons he decided to translate the book into Dutch. 

Tim kleinAfter translating the first book, Tim also translated the second book about the astrological impact of the cards and finally he co-developed the Dutch website about Symbolon cards, together with Ron Rusche. At that point, Tim and Sandra’s paths crossed and it was the start of a fruitful and inspiring collaboration. Sandra had actually discovered the Symbolon website and had started writing readings with the Symbolon cards. Since then, Tim has continued developing reading materials on Symbolon cards and the latest book he has translated into Dutch is the Symbolon book about relationships. This book is presented in the winter of 2014. The book includes a CD and is meant for professionals, such as astrologers, psychologists, etc. 

One of Tim’s other passions is building websites with Joomla and he combined his two passions through the creation of websites on Symbolon cards, in Dutch and English. Unfortunately English literature on Symbolon cards is very limited and therefore this website is a great starting point for anyone interested in learning more about Symbolon cards. Tim is also proud  to present  the reading programs he developed with Javascript to facilitate the readings that Sandra has written.