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The basic book about the symbolon cards

is also available in English ....

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Overview of Symbolon activities/books etc. per language:


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Site with a shop from Peter Orban about everything you want to know about Symbolon.

Site with a lot of information and video's about Symbolon.

Spanish symbolon.apress.es Site with a shop. The book "Symbolon - Game of Remembrance" is translated by Manuel Zapata García.
Dutch symbolonkaarten.nl

Site with a shop and a portal with card readings. Three Symbolon books are translated into Dutch:

  1. Symbolon - Game of Rememberance
  2. Symbolon - Workbook with the Mandala Horoscope
  3. The Symbolon of partnership 
Hungarian Libri Not a specialised Symbolon site, but here you can buy Hungarian version of the book "Symbolon - Game of Remembrance", translated by: Mózsik Anita and Krepler Erzsébet.
French histoires-de-cartes

A blog page with the French translation of the booklet coming with the deck of cards.

https://www.decitre.fr/livres/symbolon-9782830800265.html The book "Symbolon, le Jeu de la memoire oubliee" is published in 1996 by Yva Peyret (ISBN: 2830800214, 9782830800210)
English  https://ebook.symbolon.cards There is the English booklet with the short description of the cards which are enclosed with the cards themselves, and on this site you can find an ebook of "Symbolon - Game of forgotten memories".





















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